Currently, I am a:

  • teacher
  • linguist
  • nerd
  • writer
  • international missionary
  • musician
  • dog owner
  • ridiculously inconsistent blogger

I speak for no organization. I confess to at least minimal fluency in only four languages.  I do stuff with yarn.  I think books, differentiation, and recess solve most teaching problems.  I’m a real-life honest-to-Bunyan Calvinistic Baptist.  I felt the Bern.  I held my nose.  I’m a well-intentioned white woman trying to do better.  I might be a millennial.  I bleed maize and blue.  I think soccer could be improved by shrinking it and putting it on ice.  I have opinions about stuff.  I’m not as cranky as I seem.


What do you think?

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